AccessWorks ANPR Access Control System

The Digital Recognition Access Control application provides all the functionality to monitor or control the access of vehicles to a site. The software can be easily configured to cater for numerous sub categories. Authorised vehicles will be allowed to enter and unauthorised vehicles denied. The system will count the number of vehicles entering and exiting the car park. An easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) is provided to give operators instant feedback as events occur.Costs can be cut by reducing normal security requirements such as staff, swipe cards and proximity devices. Such devices can be change hands and be lost easily. The system will allow historical data to be stored. Statistical information can be drawn from this data which can be used to plan for peak or busy periods.

Key Features

  • Accurate NumberWorks ANPR engine
  • New ‘aided recognition’ technique further increasing accuracy
  • Log vehicles with associated images
  • Alert staff to vehicles of interest
  • Provide car park access control
  • User friendly interface
  • Control unauthorised commuter parking
  • Increased security and gate house efficiency
  • Easy car park auditing and management
  • No need for costly swipe cards and proximity devices
  • Communicate with remote sites over LAN/WAN
  • 365 24/7 operation​

In order to further increase ANPR accuracy, Digital Recognition has developed an ‘aided recognition’ technique which can be used in conjunction with a vehicle white list. Mis-reads can and do happen with ANPR. The ‘aided recognition’ algorithms take this into account and can be set to correct vehicle number plates that are mis-read by one or two characters and still allow entry to that specific vehicle