iSharp ANPR Camera

There are many different challenges in producing the best imagery possible for ANPR use. Plate sizes, colours, contrast and structures vary worldwide and along with changing lighting conditions and headlight glare, selecting the wrong camera technology for your system can cause significant problems.

The paramount importance of the recognition quality makes it necessary to use the best software and camera. However the efforts of the best software will be hindered if the image quality of the camera is degraded. Degradation can happen due to sensor noise and lens distortion. The Digital Recognition iSharp camera is utilising a HD quality glass lens and selected grade Sony sensors to combat the degradation of images. The EverSharp lens technology is not only distortion free but it provides an infinite depth of field eliminating blurring to protect image quality. The pictures in the gallery below demonstrate the EverSharp technology and resulting image quality of number plates at 6, 10, 15 and 20m distances. The number plate will always stay sharp throughout the image.

There are other important sensor properties aiding the recognition effort. Most number plates in the world are retro-reflective, resulting in brighter plates during night time. The Digital Recognition iSharp ANPR camera has been deliberately designed to preserve the brightness of the plates whilst it is attenuating light reflecting from other objects. This combined with the most powerful illuminator in the market and the super bright EverSharp lens, generates exceedingly sharp and noise free number plate images.  The iSharp ANPR camera has been designed from bottom up with image quality and ease of use in mind. Due to the EverSharp technology there is no need for fiddle optical settings. Moreover, the iSharp ANPR camera runs on a single cat5 network cable for all video, power and communication. This one cable can be as long as 100m and the iSharp ANPR camera will compensate for the length of the cable to provide degradation free images thus reducing the complexity of planning and installation.
The iSharp ANPR camera is available as a single IR camera or as a dual IR and colour overview camera. Digital Recognition are also set to release a 2 lane ANPR camera that looks exactly the same as the iSharp.

Key Features

  • Retro – reflective operation with sunshine suppression
  • Non-Retro reflective operation
  • Multi operation modes
  • Sequential shutter for extended dynamic range
  • Low gain for reduced image noise
  • Compact and light design
  • Installation friendly design.